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A helmet, developed for you, the mountain explorer with high demands on safety, comfort and style, yet with minimal impact on our planet. Wrapped in a low profile design, this helmet has adjustable chin straps, detachable ear pads and a modular inner padding system, providing a snug fit. In numbers, Impact only creates a third of the carbon footprint of the typical alpine helmet and as little as 16% of a high-end carbon helmet, so you can wear it with pride.

When you’re ready to let go, just send your helmet back to us and and we will reward you with a 25 € discount on your next Lokatt helmet.
Certifications: EN1077-B, ASTM 2040.
Ingredients: 61 % biobased content, 27 % recycled goods, 12 % dinosaurs.
Features: Detachable ear covers, modular padding, Lokatt designed snow proof ventilation system.
Weight: 503g.
Circumference (cm)
51 - 55
56 - 59
60 - 63
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for showing interest in the world’s most sustainable helmet! We work really hard to get it done, so you can wear it on the mountain as soon as possible.

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What people say

“Big shout out to Lokatt Helmets! I am now one step closer to my goal of a 100% sustainable outfit.”

- Lucas Stål Madison
Soul skier/The Bunch
“We’ve seen the outwear industry offering eco-friendly alternatives for years now and it’s about time that the hardware companies take on that challenge too. Lokatt is setting a new standard for sustainability without compromises.”

- Adam Björk
Freeride boarder & FWQ contender
"No compromise between safety, style and sustainability - Lokatt Helmets are showing the outdoor industry the way forward with their concept and ideas."

- Gabriella Edebo
Freeride Skier & Web Editor at Åka Skidor Magazine
“Finally the sustainability mindset has spread to the protection gear, about time I can choose a helmet that’s great for both me and the environment.”

- Ellen Forsberg
Snowboarder, contender at the Europe Cup & Vlogger
"Every time I buy new ski equipment I get climate anxiety, due to all unnatural materials that items like this almost always are made of. With this product I’m not only proud to think of my own safety, but also the safety of our planet."

- Julius Aspman
Skier, filmer & Influencer
"Lokatt is challenging the old ways of the helmet industry with a great vision for sustainability. It's a great product with a greater cause."

- Jesper “Jeppenator” Norén
Skier, Speaker & Influencer

Our story

We live to explore the mountains, we love to travel and to discover remote places. It is an amazing life, but let us be honest. Everything we do in order to reach the experiences we crave, inevitably has a negative impact on nature and our climate, leading to increased global warming. When you think about it, it is so stupid. When we do what we love, we destroy what we love. It is like the worst kind of relationship. This insight has changed the way we eat, travel and consume, to minimize our negative impact on the climate. You probably also choose to travel by train instead of flying, eat less meat and try to repair your old gear and clothes instead of buying new stuff. However, there is one aspect in which none of us would compromise, safety.

Helmets today are designed to plastically deform under heavy impact, after which they are obsolete and you have to buy a new one. We think it is outrageous that we still, 2018, make such a disposable product from fossil-based materials.

It made us so frustrated that we couldn't find a helmet which was eco-friendly and fulfilled our requirements, so we decided to make our own. By combining the latest within bio-based material technology with our passion for design and engineering, we created Impact. A helmet which is made from renewable high-tech materials, which origins from plants, yet providing similar performance to the high-end alpine helmets we see on the market, regarding strength, weight and impact absorption.

Our name Lokatt is Swedish for the wild cat lynx, and just like us she enjoys deep forests and snowy steep mountains, while leaving barely traceable footprints...


Lokatt believes in sustainability and performance, without contradictions. We want to revolutionize the way hardware goods are manufactured and consumed within the ski and snowboard industry. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are not only experimenting with new sustainable materials and manufacturing methods, but also exploring different recycling and circularity models in collaboration with leading experts on sustainability oriented innovation. This gives our product unique properties and design, and gives us full control over the production line so that we can improve quality and ensure that no harmful substances are used or leaked during the manufacturing.

Bio-based Materials

Our protective shell is made from a reinforced plant-based plastic, specially developed together with our partners in Sweden. Together with a shock absorbing liner made from bio-based cell-plastics, produced in Europe and Bluesign certified textiles, this makes Impact the greenest helmet on the planet.


When it is time to replace your Lokatt Helmet, send it back to us so we can recycle every single part, and you will be rewarded with a 25€ discount on your next purchase. Together with you we can achieve full circularity.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our helmets are proudly produced in Scandinavia, with a tradition of high quality and fine craftsmanship.
As a result, we are constantly moving away from petroleum-based resources, striving for a helmet that is made from 100% renewable materials, all of which are harvested above-ground.

Our vision is to contribute to a future where we and our children can continue to enjoy the lifestyle that we and so many others love, with snowy and cold winters, independent of petroleum-based materials. By buying our product you can be certain that you are making a green choice and a pro-environmental statement.